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Self Guided Fasting Program

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This is a 7-day Fasting Therapy Program based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fasting methodology, integrated with therapeutic Yoga Practice for Digestive Systems, Minor Ailments, and Energy Rejuvenation. Benefits of this Program: (1) Body Image Whether you are looking to lose or gain some weight, this Fasting Program will help you manage your body weight. Your body weight will continue to improve up to 30 days after the Program. (2) Detox During fasting, the body will start decomposing old, damaged and mutated cells. Toxins will be expelled out of your systems. As a result, you may experience certain bodily reactions during UPAVASA, such as diarrhea, coughing, hiccup, skin rashes etc. (3) Self Healing The body will start repairing your body systems. Certain symptoms (e.g. high blood pressure) and/or certain ailments (e.g. shoulder pain) may alleviate by itself as a result of this Program. (4) Youth Rejuvenation During this process, your skin will also renew itself. You will find improvements in skin complexion, radiance and elasticity. (5) Peace of Mind Instead of directing energy towards your digestive system, more blood and energy will be conserved for the mind, leaving feeling calm and stable. (6) General Wellness This Program is not only a great way to improve our immune system, it is also an ideal way to maintain our general wellbeing, improve our quality of life, and prolong our lifespan.

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