Type of Yoga Classes

What type of Yoga classes do you have?

Our Yoga classes are based on schools of teaching (e.g. Hatha, Iyengar, Asthanga, Vinyasa, Yin etc), as well as themes (e.g. Neck & Shoulders, Legs & Knees, Inversions, Backbends, Lower Back etc).

What are Emerald & Ruby Classes?

Our classes are categorized into Emerald Classes & Ruby Classes. Emerald Classes are suitable for everyone, including Basic Level and General Level, conducted by qualified instructors. Ruby Classes include theme-based classes (such as Neck & Shoulders, Legs & Knees, Lower Back, Spinal Health etc) and Level One classes (for more experienced practitioners). Ruby classes are conducted by experienced instructors. For more details about the classes, please kindly visit the Classes Page.

What are the levels of classes do you conduct?

Currently, we conduct classes in three different levels: Basic, General & Level One. Basic Level classes are suitable for beginners including absolute beginners. General Level classes are suitable for everyone. The instructor may give different variations of practice for people with different levels of experience. Level One classes are suitable for regular practitioners with at least 2 years of regular practice experience.

What is the duration of these classes?

Emerald Classes are generally 60 minutes long, and Ruby Classes are 75 minutes long.

What is the language used in these classes?

The majority of our classes are conducted in English (which will be labelled in English). A few of our classes may be conducted in Mandarin (which will be labelled in Chinese). Most of our instructors are multi-lingual. They will be happy to mix other languages in the classes.

Do you have other non-Yoga classes?

Yes, we also offer Qigong, Meditation and  Fasting Therapy (UPAVASA) classes, but these are usually on a Course basis, i.e. fixed number of classes over a fixed period of time.

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