Meditation Foundation Course


Stilling of the Mind

The Meditation Foundation Course “Stilling of the Mind" is specifically designed for beginner meditators. The course will explain key profound teachings in simple ways, so that students do not waste their time with non-essential teachings. The objective of the course is to help students directly experience the stillness of the mind.

​Meditation Course

Meditation Class

Emotional Stability

The Intermediate Meditation Course encompasses both practices of Samatha and Vipassana. We will examine the nature of our mind to understand the fundamental causes of emotions and sufferrings. Through study and practices of different techniques, we will begin to transform our mind to be able to effectively manage our emotions.

Advanced Meditation Course

Meditating at Home

Beyond Concept & Self

For those who may be seeking enlightenment, we will examine our conceptual mind and the concept of "self" in the Advanced Meditation Course, so that our meditation practice will gradually transcend beyond the perception of duality. The goal is to realize the ultimate truth of the "self" and the universe.

Detox Workshop

Happy Traveler

Health & Wellness

This is a 7-day dietary control progrom, integrated with yoga, breathing exercises, Qigong, and Minor Ailment classes, in order to detox the body and to promote self-healing of our internal systems. A common side effect is the loss of weight and a transformation of body image for improved self-confidence, and overall well being. 

Yoga Preliminary Course

Yoga Pose

Introduction to Yoga

This is an 8-week program based on precision and alignment, specifically designed for beginner students, as well as students who wish to understand more about common yoga poses. After the course, you will have a greater confidence when attending studio classes without feeling lost or unsure of what to do.

Yoga Development Course

Vinyasa Yoga

Continuous Development

Yoga Development Course is designed specifically for students with some foundation, who wish to further their understanding and experience of Yoga. This is a two-year course, split into Level 1 (first year) and Level 2 (second year). Each level consists of 3 Terms. Each Term lasts for 15 weeks.


Booking Policy

Bookings will open 7 days before the session starts.

Bookings close 20 minutes before the session starts.

Cancellation Policy: After having booked for a class, a 24-HR prior cancellation is required. Otherwise, penalty equivalent to ONE Pass will be payable or deducted.