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In-Studio Program

You may practice this 7-days fasting program at scheduled dates as determined by Purity. All of the online resources are available to you. You will be attending Sadhana Practice everyday, and Therapeutic Yoga Classes in person . The Instructor will be available to you who will monitor your progress.

Who May Not Practice UPAVASA ?


Diabetic Patients using insulin injection for more than 5 years.


Patients suffering from kidney disease or illness for more than 10 years.


Patients suffering from severe heart conditions.


Patients suffering from haemorrhage of peptic ulcer.


Patients who are in the final stages of terminal cancer.


Minors, and those who are too weak, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please kindly consult your doctor or medical practitioner for professional advice before deciding to join the UPAVASA Program.

UPAVASA In-Studio Program


NEXT INTAKE: 7th to 13 June, 2023

Please browse through the Program details so you can plan your availability accordingly. After enrollement, you will be invited to a Livestream Q&A Session before the start of the Program.

Livestream Q&A Session: 4th of June 2023, Sunday, 3.00pm

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