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Self Guided Program

You may practice this 7-days fasting program at your own convenience, starting any time when you are available. All of the virtual online resources (except for Livestream Classes) are available to you. However, this practice will be unguided. The Instructor will not be available to answer your queries.

Who May Not Practice UPAVASA ?


Diabetic Patients using insulin injection for more than 5 years.


Patients suffering from kidney disease or illness for more than 10 years.


Patients suffering from severe heart conditions.


Patients suffering from haemorrhage of peptic ulcer.


Patients who are in the final stages of terminal cancer.


Minors, and those who are too weak, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please kindly consult your doctor or medical practitioner for professional advice before deciding to join the UPAVASA Program.

UPAVASA Self Guided Program

Special Offer

Self Guided UPAVASA

RM 475.00


7-Days Fasting Therapy

Valid for 18 months


We are giving out Discount Coupons worth RM250 for the first 20 buyers, on a first come first serve basis. The entire program resources will be available to you for 18 months. So you can practice multiple times with this virtual Self-Guided Program.

Discount Coupon Code: FASTING250

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