Applicable for all Yoga & Wellness Classes


These are classes conducted in a Group setting led by an Instructor.

Group Classes are generally classified into different levels :

  1. Basic (for beginners)

  2. General (for experienced beginners)

  3. Level 1 (for regular practitioners)

  4. Level 2 (for experienced practitioners)

  5. Advanced (for advanced practitioners)


Private Classes are limited to only 2-6 pax, in order to ensure close personal attention to students. Private Classes include Practice Classes & Minor Ailments Classes.

Practice Classes include

  1. "Back-to-Basics" (for beginners & experienced beginners)

  2. "More-than-Basics (for regular & experienced practitioners).

Minor Ailments Classes are theme-based targeting specific anotomical issues of the body e.g. Neck & Shoulders, Lower Back, Legs & Kness etc.


Personal Trainings are 1-1 training sessions with tailor-made solutions according to the body condition, needs & requirements of the student.

PT Classess are scheduled according to times mutually convenient to the Instructor and the Student.

Subject to the discretion of the Instructor, a maximum of 2 students may attend Personal Trainings together, but the class program is tailored to only one specific individual.