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Basic Class Collection

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This collection of Basic Classes consists of 12 sessions, including 11 real-live recorded sessions, and a short Q&A session. These Yoga Classes are suitable for beginners, including absolute beginners. The first three classes were recorded during COVID-19 pandemic with minimal video & audio devices (i.e only using a laptop), so the quality of these videos might be less than ideal. Other classes were recorded with best effort. These Classes were taught based on the Iyengar Yoga system. Yoga Props will be used, which may include: 1) Yoga Mat 2) Wall Space 3) Yoga Blocks 4) Yoga Belt(s) 5) Yoga Chair(s) 6) Bolster(s) 7) Blankets If you do not have any Yoga Props at home, you may be able to modify the practice using household items e.g. books or heavy items instead of Yoga Blocks, stools or dining chairs instead of Yoga chairs, scarf or waist-belts instead of Yoga Belts, sofa cushions instead of Bolsters, bath towels instead of Blankets etc. We recommend that you practice these classes in the sequence presented here. However, if there is a specific class that you particularly like, you can always come back and repeat the class as and when you like. You are not allowed to download, copy or distribute the videos without explicit permission. After having purchased the plan for Online Basic Classes, you will have access to the videos for 12 months from the Date of Purchase. You will have unlimited access to these videos during the validity period.

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